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We give so much importance to our faces, to our necks, even to our hands, and even to our tummies!

But we scarcely pay attention to our legs.

On the other hand, it is the legs that really bear our weight most of the time. An injury to your face or hands or tummy are painful, but an injury to your leg is not just pain, it makes you immobile! As they see, we appreciate things only when we don’t have them!

Our legs are important. They are fascinating. They have so many things in them to make our lives comfortable and productive.

Which was why we decided to create the first ever encyclopedia for the leg – the LegCyclopedia.

The LegCyclopedia comprises ten sections:

LegTube – See it to believe it  – Useful, interesting and amazing videos on our legs

LegTastic – Interesting, Surprising, Fantastic and Some Downright Weird Facts about Our Legs

LExercise – A Guide for Leg Upkeep & Maintenance

LegWork – How People of Different Professions can Benefit from their Legs

LegFluence – How Does the Leg Affect the Rest of Our Body?

LegaSee – See Our Legs through History – Leg through the Ages

LEnglish – How the English Language has Benefitted from the Leg!

LegSpeak – If Only Each Part of the Leg Could Speak Out Its Mind!

LegsApplaud – How People without Legs are Managing and their Challenges

LegTech – How Technology is Enabling Us Get the Best Out of Our Legs

Legs & Sports – Leg exercises and workouts for a range of sports & games

100 Q&A on legs – A separate section answers 100 interesting questions on human legs

(During this stressful period of COVID-19, here’s our research review of the uncommon and unusual symptoms of corona virus disease.)