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All about legs – 100 questions and answers about human legs and feet

What if I don’t have a kneecap?

Do all our nerves end at the soles of our feet?

Is it true that massaging our soles or acupuncture on soles of feet can heal diseases?

How are the muscles in our legs different from muscles in the rest of body?

How are the bones in our legs different from bones in the rest of our body?

Why are there so many bones in our feet? Why are there so many bones in our feet?

Can we replace our toes with our fingers and vice versa?

How flexible are our feet? How much can we rotate them/turn them around?

Why do we have the ball/round at the bottom of our heel?

Is the skin on the feet different from the skin in the rest of our body?

Why do we have arches on our feet?

Why are the shapes of men’s and women’s legs different?

What is the purpose of knees? What if we don’t have them?

Why do we have hair on our legs?

Why do we have toes on our feet?

What are some useful yoga poses for leg health?

Is there anything special or unique about the calf?

What’s so special about femur?

What’s so special about sartorius?

How exactly does acupuncture on our feet work?

Are our two feet exactly the same size?

Where does our leg start and end?

How many joints are there in our feet, and why do we need so many?

What is foot reflexology and what are its benefits?

Why do our feet have so many sweat glands?

Why do babies and children have very few injuries on their legs even when they fall down so many times?

Is it a problem if we have flat feet?

Is there a correlation between the length of our foot and our total height?

Why does stubbing our toes hurt so much?

Are knee joints different from elbow joints?

Is kneecap a bone? What is it made up of?

Is it true that we are born without our kneecaps?

Does the length of my foot vary through the day?

Is it true that human foot sizes are increasing, if yes, why so?

Why do we have five toes on each foot? (Why not 6 or 7, or 3 or 4)

Why do people often end up buying poorly fitting shoes?

Does it matter what time of the day I buy my shoes?

Why do we find long legs attractive?

Does it matter how I check my shoe size – standing up or sitting?

Are women’s feet shorter than men’s feet on average? If yes, why?

Can you insure your leg? How does it work?

Are there popular rituals around human legs?

How are human legs different from legs of other mammals?

Is it true that the posture of our leg could say a lot about what’s in our mind?

Does running use all the leg muscles?

Which is easier? Standing still or walking?

When was the first recorded footwear used?

What is the history behind shoe sizes? Also does the size mean the same in different countries?

Are there significant differences between men’s and women’s shoes?

Why are ankle sprains so common among sports persons?

Why do your shoes & socks smell?

Is it important to cushion the feet of adults & seniors?

Guess how many miles you would have walked in your lifetime?

Is it true that women have more problems with their feet than men? If true, what could be the reason?

Are your toes and genitals related in some way?

How does leg prosthetics work?

Is it good to have ticklish feet?

Can people wrestle with their toes – as they sometimes do with their fingers?

How common is it for people to have fewer than 5 toes?

How common is it for people to have more than 5 toes?

Do toenails grow at the same speed as fingernails?

Are toe nails similar to finger nails?

Is it enough to try out shoes for just one foot while buying?

What types of leg ailment can result from wearing tight clothing?

What are the problems that can result from wearing high heels?

Why do most women wear shoes or footwear too small for their feet?

How common and feasible is a leg transplant?

Have there been famous personalities with something unusual/weird about their legs or feet?

What are the various parts of legs in action while walking or running?

How can we reuse or repurpose our old shoes?

When is the best time to buy shoes?

What are the common problems from ill fitting shoes & footwear?

What are some interesting world records related to the feet & legs?

What are some healthy leg postures to maintain while walking?

it a good idea to cross our legs while seated?

What is the healthiest posture for our legs while lying down?

What is the healthiest posture for our legs while standing?

What is the healthiest posture for our legs while sitting?

What are some of the weirdest/strangest ailments of the legs?

What are the best ways to take care of our feet?

What are the best ways to take care of our knees?

Can elephants jump?

Is it possible to trace problems in many other parts of the body to problems with our own feet?

What are some simple and practical ways to maintain leg health for corporate cubicle dwellers?

What are the various sciences for higher studies & learning related to legs or feet? 

Which is better inside a house? – wearing footwear or walking barefoot?

What cannot people with prosthetic legs do that people with normal legs can?

Is evolution pointing to longer or shorter legs in future?

Why do people of some countries (e.g. Russia) have long legs?

What are the top 5 leg/foot diseases or ailments?

What are uncommon functions/roles we can train our feet/legs for?

At what age are our legs strongest?

What are the best ways to take care of our thighs?

What are the functions of the fat pads of the heels?

What are the functions of the ball of the foot?

What % of the human population suffers from leg related ailments?

Are there any differences between arteries and veins of our legs & those in other parts of our body?

Are there any differences between muscles of our legs and muscles in the other parts of our body?

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