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Leg Exercises & Workouts for Badminton – from Legcyclopedia

While most of us are focussed on the players’ racquets and hands while watching a badminton match, the legs have an equal, if not sometimes more important, role to play. You will appreciate the importance of legs when you have to strettttttch for that shot – your hands are of no use if your legs can’t reach you there!

Leg workouts, and knowledge of other useful ways to use the legs while playing badminton can make a big difference to your game.

For badminton players and professionals, this page provides a comprehensive set of useful web resources for leg exercises and leg workouts. (Check out details for leg exercises and workouts for various sports)

We hope you find it useful.

Here we go:

Leg exercises for badminton – in a discussion forum – Here’s a badminton enthusist who wants advice on leg exercises, with the query:”I need some help/adivce in regards to developing my leg muscles. I’m assuming that the main leg muscles that are used in the game of badminton are the ones of the quadriceps…Could you guys give me some exercises that I could do to ‘tank up’ my legs?” Check out the answers from others at Badminton Central  Link

Strength training for badminton – While modern rackets are lightweight, this does not mean that strength is not important in badminton. Increasing your strength will not only make you quicker and more powerful on court, but also make you more resilient against injury. Learn how to from this Link

Badminton fitness training – Video: leg exercises – YouTube – Link

Badminton stretches and flexibility exercises – The 3 Best Stretches for Badminton Improve your badminton and minimize injuries with 3 of the best badminton stretches – Link

5 stretches you can do before start of a badminton game – Link

Video: Badminton Footwork Training – How to Improve Leg Power. A short yet useful video from the Coaching Badminton channel by Lee Jae Bok – Watch the video

Leg extension biomechanism during badminton forehand and jump smash – A study to explore the leg extension biomechanics in the badminton forehand smash shot performance sequence for the standing smash shot technique versus the jumping shot technique with an emphasis on the differences of both of the techniques. – Read more

Video: Badminton: How to increase speed: Fast feet – Become faster on the badminton court with these 6 fast feet exercises. Tips and detailed description. Watch video.

Video: Five exercises for fast feet on the badminton court – Working period 10-20 sec and rest for the same length. Number of repetitions 10-40. Watch video.

What is a Split Step? The Secret to Speed in Badminton Everyone I’ve ever met in badminton always asks the question; “how can I get faster” or “how can I go faster to the shuttle” and I really believe that one of the keys to great speed in badminton is practising footwork. A lot of coaches go over the various movements that get you to the shuttle in a certain way, either by moving backwards, forwards or sideways, slow and fast movements etc. One of the key technique which isn’t given enough focus is the split step. So what is it and how can it help to learn this technique? – Read more

Effective Badminton Footwork: A Complete Guide for Beginners Many people neglect badminton footwork because it might not seem important at all. You might hear some people say “why care about footwork when I can do a 300km/h smash”. Are you thinking that way too? However I would say that the footwork is THE most important skill you should master. It’s even more important than smashing! Read more

5 Best Leg Exercises To Build Strong Legs – Have you ever wished to show off your perfectly sculpted and super strong legs to your gym buddies? Well, it is not really impossible to do that. All you need is a list of some effective leg exercises and a well-balanced diet to achieve this fitness goal. Again, your legs are a difficult area to train but all you need is a little dedication. Read more

5 Best Stretches You Can Do Before The Start Of A Badminton Game – In badminton, you need your core and lower body to move around, and your arms, shoulders, and neck to aim and swing the racket. And just like any other sport, it’s important to stretch properly before you play badminton. How do you do that? Here are five stretching exercises suggested for arms and legs – Wrist rolls, Rotator cuff stretch, Forward lunges, Alphabetical ankle, Toe touches. Read more from PlayO


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