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Leg Exercises & Workouts for Swimming and swimmers – from Legcyclopedia

For swimmers and swimming professionals, this page provides a comprehensive set of useful web resources for leg exercises and leg workouts. (Check out details for leg exercises and workouts for various sports)

We hope you find it useful.

Video: Swimming Training Program Secret Tip Legs – Lift – Swimming Training Program secret: A main function of the Legs in Swimming is Lift.  It is one of the most forgotten components of Swimming that we teach at yet it is one of the most important ones. Learn why Lift is so important from the Race Club summer swimming camps.  The Race Club website: Link

The 10 Best Exercises for Swimmers – Leg-based include Lateral Lunge, Physioball Leg Curl, Leg Cradle, Goblet Squat, Squat Jump and Medicine Ball Rotational Throw – Link

Swim and gym exercise for toning your legs Combining swimming and gym exercises is an effective way of toning your legs. To help you out we have created a simple swim and gym toning your legs exercise. – Link

Swimmer’s Leg Exercises – Squats, Lunges, Lateral Straight Leg Release, Calm Knee Raises – Link

Kick Workout to Wipe out a Swimmers Legs – Right off the top, you should know that this is not a workout to take lightly. You should only do it if you are a strong swimmer and you want to do a leg focused workout. You should already be kicking at least 1,000 meters or yards during your regular workouts, and some of that must be high quality, fast kicking. Why do this workout? Sometimes, you need a change of scenery, something different to break up the routine. This might be it. – Link

Front crawl leg drills – Link  – Kicking without a board, Big-toe kicking, Static kicking, Core muscle board, Kicking with your feet in the water

Swimming Training Program Secret Tip Legs – Lift

Dryland Workouts For Swimmers – The purpose of dryland training is to stretch and strengthen the muscles used in swimming because it’s just simply not possible to be in a pool at all times. These are some great CoachUp certified exercises that will help you work on your core, arms, and legs all without a pool! – Link

7 Pre-Swim Warm-Up Movements – | The Best Swimming Exercises for Seniors – Link

How To Stop Your Legs Sinking Whilst Swimming | The Most Common Swim Mistake? – YouTube video – Read more

Swimming Techniques: Leg Movements | Front Crawl – Learn how to improve your leg kicks and swim the front crawl even faster! – Read more

Secret Tip Legs – Propulsion – In this secret tip on Propulsion from the Legs Series, learn why it is important to understand how much propulsion you get from your legs – Read more

Kicking for Dummies: Swimming Tips for Your Legs – Read more

How to Fix Sinking Legs When Swimming Freestyle Head Position or Core Strength Can Help Fix This Swimming Problem – Read more

Fix For Sinking Legs During A Swim Do you find yourself having to kick a lot harder when you swim? Do you feel like you’re not moving much or moving too slowly? Are you struggling to keep your legs from sinking? One of the biggest causes of slow and inefficient swimming is sinking legs. When your body position is not in line with the water surface, there is greater drag. This slows you down when you swim. To achieve effortless and speedy swimming techniques, here are 3 must-do tips to fix those sinking legs of yours during a swim! – Read more

How should I be using my legs, while swimming? – Question (and answers) at Quora – Read more


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